Working Out

ANYONE can work out. Working out is not just for people who need to lose weight. I am 105lbs and I work out 3+ times a week. When I started working out 2 months ago, I was 95lbs. Yes, I did gain weight, but it is all muscle!

The Freshman 15 is a real thing. College students generally do not have much time in their busy schedules set aside for working out, but it can be prevented. In fact, most colleges have a FREE (included in tuition) on campus gym. Even if you don’t really gain weight, you should still work out to stay healthy and make absolutely sure you don’t become a victim of the freshman 15.

Working out makes me feel better. When I have had a long day, I love to go work out. It gives you energy. Even if you only do 15min on a treadmill.. It’s better than nothing!

So go out and buy some good sneakers and some workout clothes! Remember not to push yourself too hard.

[inserts picture of my cute sneakers here]

Stay Golden,


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