Shy is NOT who I am

All my life I have been known as the shy girl. The quiet girl that sits in class copying down notes and only talking to my close friends. People use this character trait to define me as a person. However, being shy is not everything about who I am.

I am Determined to Reach for the Stars. What I mean by this is that I will do whatever it takes to reach my goals and dreams. I am currently 10th in my Senior Class, and I am graduating with honors. I got accepted to my dream college and was offered a scholarship.

I am Kind and Empathetic. I care a lot about others. When people cry, I cry. I try to help people the best I can and hope for the best. I almost care about others too much for my own good.

I am Intelligent and Hard-Working. I have worked very hard in school to learn the topics that I needed to learn. I have good study skills and a good work ethic.

I am Fun. There is nothing I love more than hanging out with my friends whether it be jamming out in my car to our favorite songs or playing laser tag at the arcade. These are some of my favorite things to do as well as going to the movies, dancing, singing, and sleepovers.

I am ME. You cannot define me as one thing in particular. You can’t even define me as all of the things I have listed. In order to define me, you must first realize that I am so much more than meets the eye.

Don’t let your actions or personality traits define you.

Stay Golden,


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