As H.S. Graduation Approaches…

I am very aware of how close my graduation is, and honestly I can’t wait. Sure I’ll miss my wonderful friends, but I can’t wait to leave the one place that has caused me the most heartache in my life.


Throughout my high school career I was bullied. For the first 3 years people would make comments about how skinny I am. They would tell me that I need to gain weight as if I could actually help the fact that I have a high metabolism. They would be really cruel.

Also, Sophomore year I was bullied the worst by people I considered my friends. They made a fake YouTube account and made really mean comments about me on my channel. We found out who it was and I was so hurt. I even considered moving schools.


My classes were crazy hard. Granted, I put the stress on myself by taking AP and Honors classes, but my classes were not what I expected in H.S.

I expected to have classes that prepared me for College. Most of my college didn’t prepare me. Also, I had endless homework because I tried really hard to get my GPA.

I ended up being 10th in my class, but I still hated high school. I cannot wait to get out, but my friends will be missed.

Stay golden,


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