An Open Letter to High School Seniors

To those of you starting senior year, make this year count.

It goes by so fast that you almost can’t even believe it. You will be busier than you have ever been… with all of the college applications and everything. Don’t waste the time because you never get it back.


I haven’t ever heard of anybody telling you to keep your high school relationship going through college, but I am. There’s so much pressure to break up before heading off to college, and if you really want to stay together you’ll make it work. It’s not going to be easy, but you can make it work. Senior year is your last chance. It’s your last chance to tell your secret crush that you like them, it’s your last chance to tell that boy/girl you love them before you may never see them again.


We all have those girls/guys that we just absolutely can’t stand. Maybe they bullied us, or they’re just really mean to everyone. Try your hardest not to leave high school without making up with these people. Trust me, it makes a world of difference. There’s this one girl that was in my senior class, and she was very mean to me all throughout high school. After about 3 weeks of our Leadership class together, we actually bonded and became sort of friends. I don’t think that I left high school without making amends with the people that I was on the outs with, and it feels really good knowing that.

Being Shy:

Don’t.  I was shy for pretty much my whole life, but before the start of senior year I promised myself that I would try my best to put myself out there and really start talking to people. This helped me a ton because as I’m about to go off to college, I’ve already met several amazing people that are going to be going there as well. Just try it, you may find out that you have been shy all of your life for no reason.


This year is the most important year in terms of grades that you have had up until this point. You’ll feel the sting of senioritis setting on you, but you have to push through. The worst thing you can do is let the seniority consume you. Even after you get into the college of your dreams, remember that you still have to get the grades. The school will ask to receive a final transcript from your school.


Make the most of your time with your friends. In not too long y’all will be going separate ways and that’s okay. That is life. Don’t spend your whole senior year missing them when they aren’t even gone yet. Make time for them; do something crazy that you have never done before. Go on a trip to the beach, take a road trip, etc. You’re gonna miss it when they’re gone.


Make time for your parents. To them, this time is crucial. Their little baby bird is seconds away from flying away from the nest. They’re scared that you’re never coming back. Make them understand that you will always need them there for you even when it may not be in the same way. My hardest part about this is getting lectured about stuff I already feel like I understand. Let them lecture. Let them suffocate you a little bit with love before you go off to college. It means the world to them. Just have fun with the 2 most important people in your life (and siblings, pets, etc.) while you can.


Make sure to thank all of your teachers, coaches, and counselors. These people have been a huge part of your life, and you need to make sure that they know that. Make them feel like they have not wasted their time and energy on a hopeless and ungrateful person. Tell them about your decisions for the future and how they impacted those very decisions.

All In All:

Make the most of your senior year. You only get it once. Go to senior prom even if you have to go without a date. (Thats what I did.. #7thWheel) Go to as many sporting events at your school as you can. Go out and have fun, but remember that grades are very important. You’ll love senior year, and no matter how much you “hate” your school, this is the one year that you will miss.

Stay golden,


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