Days Like Today: Post Christmas

In the words of my dad,

“I have been called a scrooge; a man with no Christmas Spirit. If this is because I don’t like getting a gift card from you when I gave you a gift card to the same store, so be it. What’s the point? If this is because I don’t like the act of opening presents when everyone knows what they are going to get, so be it. Again, what is the point?”

This man is anything but a scrooge. He helps anyone that needs it, no questions asked. He really made me realize what is wrong with the world. WE are the ones with no “Christmas Spirit.” We are the ones that are wrong when it comes to Christmas. All anyone cares about nowadays is what they are getting, when the whole reason for the season is giving. Sure we are celebrating the birth of Jesus, but aren’t we celebrating more the fact that God gave his only begotten son to save us from our sins?

“For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.”

-Luke 12:48

The holidays are about giving back, we should never forget that.

Also, try to remember all that you have been given and not complain about what you do not have. I am not saying that I don’t complain because that’s just not true. I am a prime example of someone who is seemingly ungrateful when I am actually VERY grateful for everything that I’ve been given.

And again, my dad helped me to this conclusion.

“Before you complain about the food you eat, think of all of the people in the world that do not have any.”

This is also true about many things. I believe that before you complain about how hard your life is, who you have lost, where you are in life, etc., you should think of those people that have it harder, didn’t have as much time with the loved ones that they lost, and the people that don’t have the chances to go as far as you have in life.

Anyways, that’s just my thoughts for the day.

Stay Golden,



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