What to Know When Dating an NC Girl

They love love love BBQ. From your everyday restaurant to your back yard pig pickin’, they can’t get enough pig.


Source: Wrightsville Beach Scenic Tours Website


They love their music. Hint: Scotty McCreery is from NC and they probably love him and country is potentially their favorite genre.


Source: Pinterest


They can’t get enough Chicken n’ Biscuits. Preferably from Bojangles.


Source: The Tasting Buds Blog


Everything is better in a Mason Jar. EVERYTHING.


Source: HerCampus.com


Sweet tea is and will always be the best drink. Don’t you dare give her unsweet tea.


Source: HomeWetBar.com


You better not interrupt her while she’s watching her college basketball. That’s a fact.


Source: MyFox8.com


You know she’s either an NC State, Duke, or UNC Fan. And you better like the same team. (I actually like both State and UNC)


Source: The Odyssey Online Blog


You better not interrupt her while she’s watching the Panthers dominate. And I mean DO NOT.


Source: Carolina Panthers Website


Better hope she doesn’t ever tell you “Bless Your Heart” That’s our way of saying you are an idiot and need to shut up.


Source: qtations.com


Y’all is constantly in our vocabulary. Get used to it.


Source: hiyall.com


“Esse quam videri” This is the state motto and it means “to be rather than to seem”.  So you never have to worry if the person you’re dating is who they say they are. They really are exactly who they say.


Source: flickr.com

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