Repost: An Open Letter to the Guy That Cheated on my Best Friend

Embrace a Life You Love


Actually scratch that “dear” you don’t deserve it. I don’t know how to address you without being crude.

So hello…..

The first thing I want you to know… Is she loved you. She really loved you. I spent countless hours with her to know that. She worshipped the very ground you walk on. At first even I was fooled. Your charm and sarcastic feedback was just enough. At first you even convinced me that my own best friend was crazy, and that all yalls problems rooted from her jealousy and lack of understanding. Hell I even defended you and helped you get her back at first.

Then, you showed your true colors. The ones that show more than they should. I will never understand why you allow yourself to hurt someone like her. To put yourself in a bed with a girl other than her. Leaving her house to head…

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