GPA Doesn’t Define You

All through our lives we are driven by the people in our lives to make the best grades, take the hardest classes, and have the best GPA. So I know when I tell you that GPA is not a defining factor in who you are, you are probably skeptical.

That being said, grades do not define you.

I am taking a class called “College Uncovered” right now, and a lot of the reading we are required to do has lead me to this conclusion.

Even if you are not a star student, you are still intelligent in your own way. There are many different kinds of ‘intelligence.’

These types of intelligence include “Naturalist Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Logical-Mathematical Intelligence, Existential Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, Linguistic Intelligence, Intra-personal Intelligence, and Spatial Intelligence.” 

I will explain these a little bit.

Naturalist- someone who shows expertise in the recognition and classification of plants and animals

Musical- the ability to recognize music and produce it 

Logical-Mathematical- the ability to do deductive reasoning and do mathematics. These individuals are drawn to problems and experiments

Existential- the ability to understand deep questions about human existence (Why are we alive? etc.)

Interpersonal- “People Smart”

Bodily-Kinesthetic- the ability to manipulate their bodies to do what they want (Dancers, athletes, surgeons, etc.)

Linguistic- the ability to use words to express complex things (Writers tend to have this)

Intra-Personal- the ability to understand one’s own thoughts, feelings, and life.

Spatial- the ability to picture things in their mind and create pictures with their hands. (artistic)

That being said, you are smart. Do not ever let anyone else define your worth, especially not by your grades or GPA.

College has stressed me out beyond belief because I have been defining myself by my grades and GPA. Not anymore. My best will be good enough from now on.

Maybe you are meant to do something with your life that doesn’t involve college, and that’s okay. I don’t feel that everyone should have to go to college. If you feel that isn’t the path you need to be on, don’t take it just because people are pushing you towards that.

However, you can still get through college with other types of intelligence. It will be difficult, but if it is something that you want to do, find your niche and take classes that revolve around that.

Work hard and Stay Golden,



Definitions of Intelligences from:

Gardner, Howard. “The Nine Types of Intelligence.” The Nine Types of Intelligence. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Mar. 2016.

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