Spring Recruitment is fast approaching, so here I am taking the time to tell you all about my amazing experience going GREEK.

Let me start out by saying that I had never imagined myself in a sorority. I always thought that the reputation that they have been given was true, but trust me when I say becoming a sister of Phi Mu at High Point University was literally the best thing I have ever done.

When recruitment came around last Spring, I watched as my friends went through the process. They got their bids and all seemed so incredibly happy. That’s when I started regretting my decision to skip out on the whole thing.

Skipping ahead to Fall of this year… my friend recommended me to the chapter, and I got a bid. This put me in a tough position. I was still terrified to start something new, but I now had another opportunity to do what I thought I would never do. After talking to a few of the sisters in the chapter, I decided to accept my bid. That was the best thing I ever could have done.

ΦΜ has changed me for the better. I have found the girls that would give anything for me. I found my place. They accept every part of me and are always so encouraging. If I ever need anything, one of my sisters would be willing to help even if we don’t know each other that well. That’s the best part. Before going GREEK, I was so shy and scared to try new things. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it completely went away the moment I joined ΦΜ, but I am slowly becoming the person I was destined to be.

I am forever grateful for my sisters and this amazing opportunity.

If you have the chance, GO GREEK! You won’t regret it.

Stay Golden,


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