The Life of a Pre-Pharmacy Student

Every pre-professional track is on the more difficult side of things, but being a Pre-Pharmacy student gives me a little intel on how their day-to-day lives are structured. This field is nothing if not difficult, and here’s why:

1. Going to a lab every week and not understanding anything about what you are doing.



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2. Having constant stress and not having time to relax.



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3. When you realize that nobody understands how truly difficult it is to juggle all of the things going on in your life and stay sane.



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4. When you take Organic Chemistry and the professor tells you that you need it for the rest of your schooling.



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5. When people expect you to know everything there is to know about pharmaceuticals before you have even entered Pharmacy School.



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6. When you and your friends are in all the same classes, and you don’t have to suffer alone.



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7. Realizing you are studying just as hard as Pre-Med students just to do what they want you to in the future.



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8. When you’re either really early to class or basically late because you overslept due to a lack of sleep on a day-to-day basis.



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9. When someone with an easier major talks about how difficult their major is and how they never have free time. 



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10. After spending all this time stressing about hypothetical situations that never happened like failing Organic Chemistry, you finally get the call that you got into Pharmacy School, and you’re on top of the world.



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To all of my Pre-Pharmacy fam, you’ve got this!

Stay golden,



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