Just Hold On a Little Longer, Princess.

I know things have been a little rough for a long time. I know you’re overwhelmed with the chaos of life. I know you’re ready to do anything and everything possible to avoid feeling this way, but hold on a little longer.

Hold on in hopes that everything will get better… because it will. I’m not saying there won’t be bad days, and I’m not saying there will be more good days than bad, but I’m saying one day you won’t have to fake it. One day you’ll look up and smile that beautiful, genuine smile, and you’ll know you made it. Hold on a little longer.

Hold on because you’ve made it this far. You’ve overcome so much; you’re so strong. Don’t underestimate the things that you can overcome. This pain, this stress, they won’t be a problem soon enough. Hold on a little longer.

Hold on for your loved ones. Don’t underestimate how many people care about you. Build these relationships up, and allow these people to help you heal. Allow them to be your shoulder to cry on and your strength when you feel weak. Hold on a little longer.

Hold on for me. I know you probably don’t even know me, but I hope when you come across this you know I love you. You can get through anything, trust me. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come. You can do anything you set your mind to. Remember, stay strong and keep moving forward. That should be your new motto. Never forget it. Hold on a little longer.

Things may be rough now, and you may just want to give up on everything, but don’t. Don’t give up. Hold on to your hopes and dreams. Hold on to who you are inside. Hold on to everything good in the world, and never let it go.

And always…

Stay Golden,


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