Kill Em with Kindness

Hey y’all, happy Sunday. I’m writing this to just get my thoughts out and hopefully, people will relate!

I have gotten really tired of people who say they care but really don’t. I have realized actions speak louder than words ever will. I also can’t stand when people are truly mean to others for no reason. I think that in this world today there is already a lot of hate and that we all should try to spread positivity…bring each other up…instead of down. However, apparently, some people disagree and don’t see through the same lens I do. But really, what’s the point of being mean to people that have done nothing but care for you? In our modern world, there is war, there is poverty, there is kidnapping, rape, child abuse, and there is most definitely bullying. While we can’t change some of the other bad things that happen, we can definitely (try to) stop the bullying and the mean things we say to each other. It all starts with us.

I have realized I am different from a lot of people, in a good way that is. I have been through hell and back myself, and I have managed to never be mean to anyone who doesn’t deserve it. Even if people are mean to me, I try to kill them with kindness (it doesn’t always happen, but I am working on it). I know it’s hard to understand when people are assholes and you truly know you don’t deserve it, but use them as motivation to better yourself. Don’t be that person. Spread kindness wherever you go, always wear a smile and don’t ever stoop down to their level. Making this world a better place starts with you, starts with me, starts with all of us. While some people are just not nice people and won’t participate, we can do the right thing. Besides, for them, Karma’s a bitch. Don’t waste your time on people who tear you down and kill you inside. Life is about the people who build you up, love you no matter what, and are always there for you…even if it’s 3 AM and tears are streaming down your face and you just need someone. Life is about the people that would drive ten hours to see you for two. It’s about surrounding yourself with all the right people and all the positive people and killing the bad/mean people with kindness and praying that some day they will see the light. I know often in my life people have pretended to care about me and situations have arisen that proved they didn’t. While that hurts like hell and feels like a stab in the back (or ten), we have to realize some people are temporary. Some people are here to teach us a lesson about ourselves and a thing or two about life, and love, and pain…and that’s it. While it sucks, trust the process, trust God, and trust yourself that you are strong with or without those people you thought were your best friends that you would have forever. People change, and so does life, and as unfortunate as it is, you have to get hurt to discover who you really are and where you really belong/who you belong with. It is very likely that a part of you will always miss that certain someone, whether it be a friend or a past lover, but know that they are not going where you are on your journey. You’re better off without them, and you are amazing and will go far. Be thankful for the lessons they taught you and wish them the best.

Okay, I think that’s all I have to say about that topic. Hope y’all related to this (and that it actually made sense and wasn’t just random ranting)

Stay Golden,


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