To the Best Friends I Never Expected to Find

Wow. It’s crazy how things turn out. I guess it’s true that everything happens for a reason whether we know what that reason is or not. If I hadn’t broken up with my ex, I would have never felt so out of place that I accepted an offer to play Intramural Basketball. I mean let’s be real, me playing basketball? Who would have thought that would happen?

That’s how I met you guys though, or at least that’s how I started becoming a part of the group. As we started hanging out more and more, I knew that this friendship was going to be a great thing for me, so thank you.

Thank you for the lunch/dinner dates. Thank you for fueling my Insomnia addiction with late night cookie runs. Thank you for always supporting me even though I don’t always think before doing something. Thank you for the random car rides and jam sessions to get me out of a bad mood. Thank you for staying with me when I didn’t want to be alone.

Just thank you guys for everything. You really don’t know how much you guys mean to me. It’s insane how we could have gotten close over one semester. It’s crazy to think of how I ever went through college without you guys. I guess something good always has the possibility of coming from something bad, and some friendships pop up from the most unexpected experiences.

I love you guys!

Stay Golden,


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