To the Woman Who Feels That She is Overlooked

You feel like everything that you do is never noticed, not that being noticed is the reasoning behind your work or attitude, but it’d be nice to hear or feel that you’re appreciated. You feel like the things you say aren’t heard, or the jokes you tell put a damper on the mood in the atmosphere. You feel like there’s something and someone that is always going to best you. Every time. The clothes you wear are never pretty enough, your makeup always seems to have flaws, you can’t get the breakouts to end and you feel like the world gets so much bigger than you with every passing day. Your mind Is constantly consumed with thoughts of why aren’t you ever good enough, or why can’t you ever say the right things? How can you make everyone see how funny you are? Or how good of a friend you could be? You’re not alone. This feeling is hard to deal with. It’s hard to feel special or important when it seems that your voice is always heard as a whisper. These are the things that the world tells you that you are and sometimes it starts to feel like the worlds voice is the only one that seems to make sense. You start to believe these things and it starts to hurt.

Don’t. Please, do not let this world, don’t let the enemy, steal what’s rightfully yours.

Joy is yours. Confidence is yours. Happiness is yours. Beauty is yours. Strength, dignity, courage, and a peace of mind is all yours! And it’s time to believe and receive that. Christ died so that we didn’t have to carry these burdens of the world anymore. You have the power through Jesus to stand up and say, “no one else’s opinions or thoughts about me will ever define who I am!  My personality is blessedly mine!” And I’m here to tell you, you do so much more than you think you do. You’re beauty and smile has a bigger impact on someone’s day then you believe yourself to have. Your sweet spirit is much more contagious then you could ever know. “She is more precious than rubies; And nothing you can wish for compares with her [in value].” (PROVERBS‬ ‭3:15‬.) You were designed for a perfect purpose. And that is yours.

No one else’s. Perfectly, and beautifully, and only, yours.


A Woman No Longer Moved By the World

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