What Clothing You Need and Don’t Need For College

Here’s my list of essential clothing items for college, hope it helps!


Rain Jacket

Basic Tops That Work With Multiple Outfits

Basic Pants/Skirts That Work With Multiple Outfits

Jean Jacket/ Leather Jacket

2-5 Comfy Sweatshirts

2-3 “Party Outfits” or Dresses

2 Business Casual Outfits

2 Workout Outfits (T-shirts and Nike Shorts/Leggings)

6 Pairs of Shoes- A pair of heels, a pair of cute sneaks (Converse, Vans, Keds), a pair of workout sneaks, a cute pair of sandals, rain boots/boots in general, and a pair of comfy flip flops


Things in your closet that you never wear

Shoes that hurt your feet/ All of your shoes

All of your Purses (Only bring like 2)

Stay Golden,



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