Repost: “14 Reasons Staying in Friday Night is Always the Answer”

Sometimes you just need a night to kick back and relax.

1. No one is judging you for wearing your PJs at 8pm.

2. There is also no shame in falling asleep at 10pm and wake up well-rested.

3. The only drama you will witness is via Netflix.

4. As you binge watch the latest original series

5. Pets are so much better at cuddling than boys anyway.

6. You can stuff your face with ice cream or pizza, (OR BOTH) and suffer no judgement.

7. You can rock the messy bun all night.

8. There’s no struggle with makeup for an hour before heading out (AKA no redoing your “classic wing” three times before it’s just right)

9. Staying in means staying in bed, our real one true love.

10. No fighting off unwanted attention at the bar.

11. You won’t get a headache from standing next to the DJ.

12. There’s zero chance of a drunken one night stand that you’ll regret in the morning.

13. You get to spend one whole night treating yourself.

14. And you will remember every moment of it.

Source: 14 Reasons Staying in Friday Night is Always the Answer


I love this article because it makes it OKAY to stay in, and it IS OKAY. Enjoy it and read the author’s other works.

Stay Golden,


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