Why It’s Totally Acceptable to Plan Your Life on Pinterest

People always criticize me for having my whole life planned out on Pinterest, but what they don’t realize is how much easier it makes things. Here are several benefits to planning your life out on Pinterest.

It saves time wedding planning. I mean come on, who really has the time to take a whole year out of their lives to plan their wedding? That’s why you plan ahead of time and leave the rest up to your mother or Maid of Honor.

It’s fun. Idk about you, but to me, there’s something fun about browsing through Pinterest and finding ideas for different meals or outfits or whatever your little heart desires.

It gives you something to connect with when your friends talk about plans for the future. There have been countless conversations with my friends about what our futures are going to look like, and we all have some sort of Pinterest planning going on.

It’s free party planning. Have a birthday coming up? A wedding? A reunion? A costume party? If you need help planning it, go on Pinterest and find lots of fun and creative DIYs for you to do to make it a success!

Keep Pinterest-ing and…

Stay Golden,



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