How to Stay Mind-Healthy and Happy: Winter

The Winter months bring on cold weather, sickness, finals, and seasonal depression, but they also bring peppermint candles, bubble baths, Christmas, and time with your family. Here are a few things that I’ve put together for you to keep a healthy and happy life during these months.

Pamper. Pamper. PAMPER.

One of my favorite things about Winter is being able to run myself a bubble bath, fix myself a nice hot cup of hot chocolate, put on my fluffy bathrobe, and cozy up to read a book or watch a holiday movie. It is so important to take some time for yourself and revel in what is good about the season.

Work out.

It is proven that working out can help with anxiety and moods, and what better time to start getting your body right then when finals are happening? If you are getting anxious about your exams, or really anything, take a few minutes a day to work out. Run on the treadmill, do some stretching or yoga… do anything that gets your blood pumping and sends those lovely endorphins out into your body.

Eat healthily, but always have a cheat day.

It is important with any diet to have a day where you can cave and eat that cupcake that has been sitting there mocking you. If you never give yourself the opportunity to eat something a little unhealthy, you’ll cave a lot more and feel guilty about it. So plan out your meals, eat healthily, but don’t forget to occasionally indulge in your favorites.

Don’t let money stress you out.

The holidays can be hectic. You have so many people to give gifts to and you may not have the money to do it. So what’s a good alternative? Make some homemade gifts. Some examples include canvases, homemade hot chocolate, pastries, homemade bath bombs, etc. Try something new for the holidays, and it could save you a lot of money.

Take time to reflect.

If the Winter isn’t important for anything else, it’s important for having time to reflect on the past year and figure out what you need to work on for the next one. Hello… what do you think New Year’s Resolutions are for. However, you should do this regularly (not just in the wintertime).

Give Thanks, Be Appreciative.

You should always remember to be grateful for the things that you have as well as the people that you have in your life. Never take them for granted. Call up an old pal and thank them for being in your life.

All in all, don’t stress too much. Give yourself a break when you need to… you deserve it. And don’t forget to…

Stay Golden,




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