Single Life: It’s Only as Terrible as YOU Make It

Honestly, being single is only as terrible as you make it. If you constantly find yourself complaining about how no one is ever going to love you, how you’re going to end up living alone with your cat, or how awful it is to not have someone at your age to spend all of your free time with…well yeah, you’re probably going to feel like shit.

You’re only focusing on the negative side of being single, but let me show you the positive side. Now I know I’m not always the most optimistic person, but I’ve learned that being single is a part of life (but it’s not your whole life).

One of the greatest things about being single is that you have time to work on yourself. I’ve found myself becoming a more confident person in my time being single. I’m pursuing things that I would have never had the courage to pursue if I had a boyfriend.

You have more free time to spend with your friends, your family, and just by yourself.

Also, I don’t care how long you’ve been single… be it 10 days or 10 years, you will find someone. Life changes so quickly that you don’t even notice it sometimes. Stop getting down on yourself because of the “terrible odds” of finding that perfect partner. Believe in yourself and everything will turn out fine.

Don’t forget that pesky little “Law of Attraction”. Negativity breeds negativity. If you are putting yourself out there as a negative nancy and complaining about how hard it is to live the single life, your dates are going to pick up on it, and they’re not going to get good vibes. Focus on the good things in your life, and they’ll get good vibes.

Remember that not everyone is going to like you, but that doesn’t mean that nobody does.

Here are some things that are important to remember during this single time in your life:

  1. You are important.
  2. You are kind.
  3. You are wanted.
  4. You are loved.
  5. You are the only you there is.
  6. Be willing to fail… failure brings about the greatest discoveries.
  7. You need to put yourself out there.
  8. You are better than any of the doubts that anyone has about you (including yourself).
  9. Do things that you enjoy.
  10. You aren’t the only one in your situation.
  11. Life changes, and you will be surprised when it changes for the better.
  12. Breathe, be patient, and focus on you.

And as always…

Stay Golden,



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