New Year’s Resolutions… or New Year’s Dissolutions?

Okay, bear with me on this one… a dissolution is the dissolving of something; dissolution is the breaking of a bond. So here’s why I’m suggesting that you make a New Year’s Dissolution, or a few, along with your resolutions.

You must accept things that you cannot (or should not) change.

Dissolve the efforts that you have been working tirelessly at to change other people. Other people are only going to change themselves. Make a dissolution of those detrimental “I can save everyone” thoughts… I have plenty of those to get rid of too. Some people don’t want to be saved.

Change the things that you can change, but be realistic.

If you want to lose weight, don’t start by going to the gym for 4 hours a day for a week straight. Give yourself rest days. Don’t start a crazy diet that doesn’t allow for the occasional cheat… you’ll burn out so quickly and revert back to old ways before you’ve had a chance to breathe.

If you want to become more outgoing, don’t expect yourself to be going to parties every weekend… start out small. Start small conversations with the cashier when you are checking out at the grocery store.

For resolutions that you are actually able to complete, you have to start with baby steps and be realistic.

Cut out people that make your life miserable.

This one right here is a dissolution of sorts. Dissolve these relationships with toxic people, not to hurt them, but to better yourself and take care of yourself.

All in all, it is a new year… treat yourself better, treat people better, and make sure that you’re trying to do what’s right. If you have the resolution to change something about your physical appearance, make sure that you are doing so in a healthy way. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind.

And as always…

Stay Golden,


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