10 of My Absolute Favorite College Blogs

The Young Hopeful.

The Young Hopeful is one of my favorite blogs because it gives a lot of FREE resources to help you get your college life in order. It also gives a lot… and I mean A LOT of advice on college and your life after.


Samanthability is one of my favorite blogs because it gives some insight into the best study strategies and also what to do when you’re in a rut.

A Wanderer’s Adventures.

A Wanderer’s Adventures is the perfect guide for anyone thinking about studying abroad, but it also has a lot of good information on college.

The Confused Millennial.

The Confused Millennial is an AMAZING blog for anyone who wants to know the truth. This blog has loads of content that is helpful for the millennial girl. It also has a lot of inspirational messages.

College Girl’s Ramblings.

This blog is good for the girl that just wants to hear about someone else’s life. It really is just about the author and her life. She doesn’t have many posts, though.

Here is to the Twenties.

My favorite thing about Here Is To The Twenties is that this girl is not afraid to show her faith. She also tells readers about her life.

Let’s Talk About College.

I love this blog because while it is helpful, it tends to be funny as well.

Stephanie May Wilson

Again, this girl is another one of the girls that isn’t going to ignore her faith for her blog. A lot of the helpful articles that I’ve gotten from this blog have been faith-based… and I love that.

Aspyn Ovard

I actually first heard of this girl on YouTube, and her blog tends to be similar to what you would see on YouTube with someone’s Vlog Channel or if they are a Makeup “guru”.

The Soul Scripts

This one is another faith-based blog that is perfect for the college girl in need of finding her faith again.

Stay Golden,



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