Challenge: Be More Adventurous

I’ve taken it upon myself to become more adventurous this year. It’s sure going to be hard, but what isn’t hard? I’m not really sure where to start, but I was hoping that maybe you guys could help me. I’d also like to challenge you all to join me on this journey.

So… becoming more adventurous. That can mean a whole host of different things, but what does it mean to me?

To me, being adventurous is venturing outside of your comfort zone, doing something you would have never done before. So… I started a Vlog. That was a super scary thing for me to do, because I always hate being judged… BUT I did it anyways.

But… that’s not good enough. How do I become even more adventurous? How do I go further outside my little safety box? If you have any suggestions, please explain them to me in the comments.

Stay Golden,


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