It’s Okay to be Single on Valentine’s Day

Being single can be really lonely and sad, but to be honest, you should not feel bad about being single on Valentine’s Day. Come to think of it, I’ve never been in a relationship on Valentine’s Day.

It’s crazy to look back on my life and think about how most of my relationships have ended before any birthdays or good holidays for relationships. I’ve only had one relationship on my birthday and Christmas, none on New Year’s, and none on Valentine’s Day, but that’s okay!

I would rather not spend my holidays with someone unless they were serious about me, and quite frankly, most of my relationships have not been that serious.

I know that Valentine’s Day is one of the worst holidays for someone who is single, but it doesn’t have to be. Being single on Valentine’s day gives way to a drama-free day of pampering yourself, hey, take yourself on a nice date.

If you aren’t interested in having a day all to yourself, get some of your girlfriends together and have a Galentine’s day! Have a movie marathon, drink some wine, whatever your heart desires.

Now if you’re a guy reading this, treat yourself. Spend time doing what you love, whether it’s alone or with your friends. Make this day about yourself.

All in all, it’s okay to be single on Valentine’s Day. It can actually be fun.

Stay Golden,


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