Things I’ve Learned Being a Little Sister

What is it like being a little sister? What is it like being the youngest? Here’s what my experience was like. Also, shoutout to the best big brother a girl could ask for… I love you Justin!

  1. You get away with a lot more. I mean come on, were your parents really that worried about what you do? They’ve been through this rodeo already. They know how to raise a child… plus they always blame the eldest child for whatever you actually did wrong. MUHAHA (I mean… sorry Justin).
  2. Your older sibling will always fight for you. No matter what happens, your older sibling will always be there for you, to fight for you, and to pick up the pieces when you get hurt. They’re the best!
  3. You are always the baby. No matter how grown you are, you’re still the baby. You will always be treated as such. Heck, my MOM is the baby of her family, yet she still treats me that way (but that’s OK… it happens).
  4. We have it better, because they went through life first. Anything that they got in trouble for, you best believe you didn’t do. They were the guinea pigs and you made sure not to follow in those footsteps (but the good things… you always try to live up to those expectations and it sucks).
  5. You tend to end up living in their shadow. Ever go to the same school as your older sibling? I have… and let me tell you what that was like. All of the teachers had high expectations because of how great my brother was (which was fine but also annoying). And… teachers you didn’t even have still seemed to know who you were.
  6. You always had a built-in babysitter. This kinda sucks for the older sibling, but it wasn’t too bad for me. At least my babysitter wasn’t some random person. My parents always had my brother look after me, and I’m glad because we got to spend a lot of time together.
  7. You are the one teased. The younger sibling is always the one teased… I mean are you really going to chance it teasing your older sibling? Nah, at least not me. But hey, it’s not that bad.
  8. You’re the last to move out. Being the last to move out, I feel like it’s really hard on your parents. Not that they weren’t upset that your siblings moved out, but it’s just that now none of their kids are home. They may take that out on you, but let it go.

All in all,

Being the little sister wasn’t the worst thing in the world. I’m very thankful for my older brother.

Stay Golden,


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