If I Were A College Professor…

If I were a college professor…

I would grade in a timely fashion. This means exams would be graded within 2 days of the students taking them. Papers would be graded in a week. Quizzes within a day. Homework within a day. As a college student, I know how stressful it is to wait for your grades. If I assign it to get done, I should make time to grade it.

I would create study guides. Study guides are VERY helpful for students. No, it would not be the exact questions from the exam, but it would help them determine what concepts are important for the exam and what would not be. The information on the exam would reflect the information on the study guide… that’s only fair.

I would have test reviews. As a college student myself, I know that setting aside a review day before an exam is VERY helpful. It refreshes a student’s knowledge.

I would have grades be more than just exams. So many people are terrible test takers. I would have participation grades, quizzes, and homework in order to supplement the student’s grades.

I would give “make up” exams. Now, this may be a little controversial, but I think it would be great. As I stated before, so many students cannot take tests well. So… if the student requests it (and they have to request it) I would allow them a retake. However, the test would not be on paper. They would have to schedule an appointment with me and they would discuss the topics that were on the exam with me. If they showed that they understood the material, I would add half of their missed points to their exam. I mean, I know grades are important to a lot of students, and if they really did understand the material, why punish them?

 And I would CARE. The fact that so many of my college professors have been caring has helped me so much throughout my college experience. I mean… if you can tell that they care about you as a person, it’s so much easier to come to them with a question or to learn from them.

This is what I would do if I was a college professor since I’ve been in the students’ shoes.

As Always…

Stay Golden,


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