Little Gifts to Send to Your College Student

Here are just a few things that your college student would love to see come in the mail. I know if they’re anything like me, getting packages is one of the highlights of your day, always.

Letters- There’s nothing better than getting mail, and it doesn’t have to be anything big to mean the world to your student. The times that I have gotten letters and cards in the mail have always brought a smile to my face when I was having a hard day.

Homemade Food- Whether you cook or bake, or someone close to you does, try to make it a habit to send these little treats to your student or even just sending them back with the treats when they return to school after a break.

Hobby Materials- A lot of college students get crafty when they are stressed, but not everyone is that way. If you know your college student’s hobbies (i.e. working on puzzles, painting, coloring, playing sports), send them a little care package of things to help them pursue these things.

Flowers/ Fruit Baskets- There are so many different companies nowadays that deliver these kinds of things, so hopefully you will find one that is decently priced. If not, it’s okay, it’s the thought that counts.

Stickers/ Car & Laptop Decals- SO many of my friends love stickers and decals. We are constantly on RedBubble looking at all of the decals that we wish we could fill our laptop with. I know they would love to get a few of these in the mail from someone who cares about them, and they are pretty cheap.

Gift Cards- If there is a restaurant close by that they have been just raving about, see if you can get a gift card to it and send it their way. It would give them an opportunity to eat something other than campus food, and they’d be thinking about you the whole time.

Books- If your student loves to read, get them a book or two that they have been dying to try out, but if reading isn’t their favorite thing… maybe send a few inspirational books their way. I know for us 20-something females out there, there are PLENTY of options to choose from and I’m sure your college student hasn’t read them all.

Socks- Come on, all of our feet get cold, and we secretly (or not so secretly) LOVE us some socks. Fuzzy, designed, or just plain white… send us some socks and we will love them.

Seasonal Decor- Halloween, Christmas, Valentines… There are way more holidays than this, but here are just a few that you can send small decorations for. There’s nothing like coming back to a dorm/apartment that is decorated with decor sent by the ones you love.

Snacks- GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. Let me tell you, I wish every season was girl scout season. They would make a fortune off of me alone, and quite frankly… I wouldn’t even complain. I love getting snacks from my parents. They always send me back to school with something tasty.

Sickness Kits- As college students, we are sicker than most. We are in close proximity to each other so often and it is just going to happen. If we are sick, send us a sick care package with our go-to medications and remedies… maybe throw in a cute get well soon card to make our day better.

Beauty & Wellness Kits- This kinda goes with the sickness kit, but this one is geared to general wellness. Do they need a relaxing day? Send them a face mask that they absolutely adore.

Really… anything that gets your student feeling that you care enough to just send them a little something goes a long way.

Stay Golden,




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