My Lifelong Bucket List

Hey loves, this is just a small list of things that I hope to accomplish in my life and be able to be the best version of me that I can be. I hope to fall in love, but more importantly, I hope to be happy in all that I do. Hope this gives you some ideas.

  1. Travel to all 50 states.
  2. Have and/or adopt 1-3 kids
  3. Do everything in my power to make said kids happy
  4. Spend quality time with my family
  5. Get married and have a solid foundation for that marriage
  6. Be the best Pharmacist possible
  7. Always remember to be thankful for what I have
  8. Save money
  9. Get a puppy
  10. Make time for the people that I care about
  11. Talk to long-distance friends as much as possible and plan yearly reunions
  12. Give back as much as possible
  13. Do lots of volunteering
  14. Stay fit
  15. BE HAPPY.

Stay Golden,


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