What It’s Like to Unplug For a Weekend

Okay, so this is super overdue, but forgive me on that one. Over the first weekend of Spring Break, I stayed off of my phone and social media. I still got on my laptop to do homework and study (because let’s face it… I can never catch “break” in Pharmacy School without homework or something to study). So here I am to tell you how it felt.

Friday. Friday, being the first day, was hard. Every time I opened the internet, I feel like I started to go to Facebook. After the first few hours, it was good though. I went to dinner with my parents and then we watched a movie and were able to spend some quality time together. I was already feeling as if I didn’t need my phone to be happy, and that it was much better to spend QUALITY time with the people I am around. I’ve always thought it was rude to be on your phone constantly when you plan to hang out with someone, but even I do it sometimes. It’s a bad habit, but it’s one I’m trying to correct.

Saturday. Saturday was a lot easier. My mom used to always get mad at me when we would go shopping and I would be on my phone constantly. It was really nice to spend a day shopping with her and truly focus on what we were doing. I’m starting to really understand why it upsets her for me to be on my phone. She wants to spend as much QUALITY time as possible with me while I’m home from school. After shopping, we watched another movie with my dad, and then, we went to bed. It was a pretty eventful day, and I didn’t find myself reaching for my phone as much as I did Friday.

Sunday. On Sunday, I was getting pretty used to having my phone, but I had to turn it back on to respond to someone about them potentially purchasing a laptop that I had for sale. After that, I still didn’t use my phone a whole lot, but I did respond to some friends who had not heard from me all weekend.

All in all, I feel that it was a really good experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone who feels like they are on their phones too much. It was a nice cleanse, and now, I keep my phone on Do Not Disturb mode so that I only get my notifications when I look at my phone, and it doesn’t vibrate and disturb whatever task I have going on. However, when someone calls me, it goes through because I know they really wanted to get my attention and it was something that couldn’t really wait.

I hope you guys decide to try this out for yourself, you won’t regret it.

Stay Golden,


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