You’re Not Alone: Mental Illness in College Students

College is generally thought of as the best years of your life. You get to branch out and do all of the things that you think could interest you. You join club after club, organization after organization, but have you ever thought about how these years of your life cause you mental pain?

Anxiety disorders, being the most prevalent mental health disorders in college students, are on the rise in this population (11.9% of college students have an anxiety disorder).

Depression is also up there at 7-9% of college students.

Around 3.2% of college students show symptoms of Bipolar Disorder.

It is unsurprising, then, that college students take part in dangerous activities to decrease their mental health symptoms. For example, many college students take part in binge drinking or illicit drug use.

If you have recently been diagnosed with a mental health disorder in college, you are not alone. College is the time of many changes. All of these changes can affect you and increase your mental health problems. These things include making your own decisions (especially when you are indecisive), moving away from family, spreading yourself too thin with all of your activities and studies, not allowing yourself adequate relaxation, and not eating healthy and exercising.

College is hard, but it is especially hard when you are suffering from a mental illness. Seek help if you feel that it is too hard. Make sure that you are also making lifestyle adjustments to help with your mental health as well.

All in all, you can most definitely manage it, but it will be a long, hard road.

Stay Golden,





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