The Nice Ones Finish Last Until…

“The Nice Ones Finish Last.” It’s a quote we hear so often that it’s second nature to think. It’s honestly one of the most annoying things that I’ve ever heard, but it does indeed exist. The thing is, the nice ones are always going to finish last until…

They find the right person.

They find their passion (work or otherwise).

They work for it.

They believe in their abilities.

They focus on what is truly important.

They love unconditionally.

They realize what is right for them and what is not.

They forgive.

Basically, the nice ones do finish last, but they finish last on the things that are not meant for them. They finish last on the things that they don’t actually benefit from in the long run. That’s how life works. So, keep your head up… keep living life.

And as always…

Stay Golden,



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