From the Girl Who Can’t Live Without Her Parents

Honestly, I don’t understand how parents can be so different sometimes. There are parent who don’t care to be involved in their kid’s life, there are parents who won’t back off of their kids, there are parents who can’t spend time with their kids because they work to pay the bills, and there are so many more variations of parents and how they treat their kids.

Having the parents that I do, I could never give them up. I mean, I did move away, but I still see them every week. I literally cannot imagine having to live without my parents. Judge me if you want, but I think that my parents are my best friends.

I mean is there a better best friend than a parent who truly cares about you and your wellbeing? I think not. My parents are always going to be by my side and they would never do anything to hurt me. They are always going to be there for me. They are always going to support me. They are always going to LOVE me.

You can sit there and argue that your best friend is always going to be there, but let’s face it… friendships end on whims, they end because of petty fights, and they end because they just weren’t meant to last. Friendships are for years where family is for a lifetime.

I don’t care what anyone has to say about me or the way I live my life. All I know is that I would never give up the time that I get with my family for anything in this world.

I love you Mama and Daddy (and Justin too).

Stay Golden,


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