Year In Review: P1 Fall-Spring

As I’m rounding out my first year of pharmacy school, I figured that I would make a blog post about how my P1 year was.

Overall, it was a really good year. I learned a lot about myself and my study habits and learned a lot in class. I was able to achieve getting all A’s and 1 B throughout the course of the whole year. I was able to give myself time to relax as well.

I started research with one of my professors. I met with a resident of a retirement community through the Longitudinal Care Experience and truly got to know her as a person. I also learned how to better communicate with patients.

It was a difficult year, but I know that the next few years are going to be even harder, so I’m hoping to adjust to them well.

Here’s to starting off my summer community rotation with a bang and having a great time.

Stay Golden,


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