The Life of A Pharmacy Student As Told By Shondaland

Being a Pharmacy Student is always the most fun… right? Well, let’s see what Shonda has to say about how we feel.

We get excited about all of the things that we learn, but when we tell our friends about it all… their reaction is:

When your professor says “disregard everything you’ve been taught about this before because it is probably wrong”…

When your professor doesn’t respond to an urgent email:

When you literally study for days for an exam and don’t do nearly as well as you wanted:

When you go out with your friends instead of doing your work because YOU’VE HAD ENOUGH:

When someone asks you how pharmacy school is going and your only response is to smile and nod (and not even answer):

When your professor lets you out of class late:

When you have rotations and you’re concerned about human existence:

And last but not least… When you know you’re killing it and will keep killing it:

Stay Golden (I know I’m trying),


2 thoughts on “The Life of A Pharmacy Student As Told By Shondaland

  1. AlicesonTalks says:

    110% Accurate!
    However in my pharmacy school, the lecturers let us off too early and barely late! So when we do over class after the schedule time, we tend to have emotional thunderstorms. haha!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. focusonprogression says:

    Recent graduate here from Wingate!
    I love this!! Especially after walking into our law review right before graduation and our professor telling us to forget a lot that we had learned in his class P2 year since laws had changed >.< lol
    Good luck with the rest of your school, you'll be done before you know it!


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