Every Day is a Holiday: Summer Edition

What’s better than a Summer full of holidays, full of celebrations, full of fun? Nothing. Here’s a list of daily holidays from the first official day of summer to the last. Hope you enjoy!

June 21- International Day of Yoga; Take some time today to de-stress and practice yoga.

June 22- National Chocolate Eclair Day; Ooooh YUM! Buy yourself or someone you care about a chocolate eclair today!

June 23- Global Smurfs Day; Watch any of your favorite Smurf movies (or all of them), wear blue, and enjoy this fun day.

June 24- Celebration of the Senses Day; Experiment with new things that bring happiness to your senses. Go to an art museum (sight), listen to new music (hearing), try a new food (taste), pick some flowers (smell), etc.

June 25- Global Beatles Day; listen to the Beatles and enjoy their music today.

June 26- Forgiveness Day; forgive those who have wronged you.

June 27- Sunglasses Day; wear those shades with pride!

June 28- International Body Piercing Day; you know… go get a piercing or appreciate those that you have!

June 29- National Camera Day; Take pictures and enjoy taking them.

June 30- Social Media Day; try something new on your social media or just post if you haven’t in a while.

July 1- American Zoo Day; HA! Go to the zoo, maybe?

July 2- Made in the USA Day; celebrate America by buying something made in the USA

July 3- American Redneck Day; bonfire, fishing, etc.

July 4- Independence Day (duh); enjoy the time with your friends and family.

July 5- Bikini Day; strut your stuff out by the pool or buy yourself a new bikini.

July 6- National Fried Chicken Day; go get yourself some fried chicken, please.

July 7- National Macaroni Day; Make your favorite Mac n Cheese.

July 8- National Ice Cream Sundae Day; Make or get an ice cream sundae.

July 9- National No Bra Day; skip the bra as a part of your daily routine.

July 10- Cow Appreciation Day; GO GET SOME CHICKFILA (but dress like a cow so you can get it for free)

July 11- National Blueberry Muffin Day; eat a blueberry muffin or make a tin of them yourself.

July 12- National Eat Your Jello Day; Make your favorite Jello flavor…or jello shots 😉

July 13- National French Fries Day; go get your favorite french fries

July 14- Shark Awareness Day; watch Jaws or another movie about a scary shark

July 15- Gummi Worm Day; enjoy a bag of your favorite original or sour gummi worms.

July 16- National Fresh Spinach Day; you’ve been eating a lot of junk over these holidays, make a spinach-based salad.

July 17- National Tattoo Day; get a tattoo or think about what you would get if you got one.

July 18- National Hot Dog Day; Yum. Eat yourself a hotdog.

July 19- National Daiquiri Day- Get your favorite flavor of Daiquiri

July 20- Nap Day; AH bless. Take a nice long nap.

July 21- National Junk Food Day; Eat your favorite junky snack.

July 22- Hammock Day; Lay out on a hammock and read a book (or take another nap)

July 23- National Vanilla Ice Cream Day; self-explanatory, but eat some ice cream

July 24- National Tell an Old Joke Day; come on… you know you love knock-knock jokes.

July 25- National Wine and Cheese Day; Have some friends over for some wine and cheese.

July 26- National Bagelfest Day; Eat a bagel

July 27- National Talk in an Elevator Day; Start up a conversation with some random person in an elevator.

July 28- National Milk Chocolate Day; get your favorite milk chocolate treat

July 29- National Lipstick Day; wear that lipstick with pride girl!

July 30- National Cheesecake Day; hmmm… this sounds like a trip to the cheesecake factory to me!

July 31- National Cotton Candy Day; Cotton candy is soooo great. Go find some.

Aug 1- National Girlfriends Day; Celebrate with your favorite girl friends.

Aug 2- National Coloring Book Day; Color a pretty picture

Aug 3- National Watermelon Day; Eat some watermelon and relax

Aug 4- National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day; Bake some chocolate chip cookies for your favorite person

Aug 5- National Underwear Day; Buy some new underwear

Aug 6- National Root Beer Float Day; Have a root beer float (or any other type of float if you don’t like root beer)

Aug 7- Beach Party Day; have a beach party

Aug 8- International Cat Day; love your cat (or adopt a cat)

Aug 9- Book Lovers Day; Read a book

Aug 10- National Lazy Day; Lay around all day and do nothing

Aug 11- Annual Medical Check-up Day; go get your check-up!

Aug 12- Baseball Fans Day; Watch baseball, or maybe play it.

Aug 13- National Filet Mignon Day; have a nice filet.

Aug 14- National Creamsicle Day; eat a creamsicle or creamsicle flavored treats

Aug 15- National Relaxation Day; Relax

Aug 16- National Roller Coaster Day; go to a theme park

Aug 17- National Nonprofit Day; volunteer for a nonprofit or donate to one.

Aug 18- National Fajita Day; find a place that sells fajitas and dig in

Aug 19 -National Potato Day; eat your favorite potato-y treat

Aug 20- National Lemonade Day; drink that lemonade

Aug 21- Senior Citizens Day; go volunteer at a rest home or spend time with your favorite senior.

Aug 22- National Eat a Peach Day; go peach picking!

Aug 23- Buttered Corn Day; mmm, eat some corn.

Aug 24- National Waffle Day; make your favorite type of waffles.

Aug 25- National Whiskey Sour Day; that’s right… go get a whiskey sour!

Aug 26- National Dog Day; adopt a dog or go pet them at your local pet store.

Aug 27- Just Because Day; do something just because you want to.

Aug 28- Red Wine Day; drink that wine.

Aug 29- Lemon Juice Day; make something that involves lemon juice.

Aug 30- National Toasted Marshmallow Day; do you really need an excuse for a bonfire?

Aug 31- Eat Outside Day; enjoy the weather and have a meal outside

Sept 1- World Letter Writing Day; write a letter to a friend or family member

Sept 2- World Coconut Day; have something with coconut as an ingredient

Sept 3- Labor Day (duh); spend time with family and friends

Sept 4- Eat an Extra Dessert Day; yes please!

Sept 5- National Cheese Pizza Day; isn’t every day national pizza day?

Sept 6- Read a Book Day; try to read a whole book in one day

Sept 7- National Beer Lover’s Day; go try a new beer

Sept 8- National Actors Day; watch your favorite actors in your favorite movies

Sept 9- National Teddy Bear Day; buy a teddy bear for a loved one or someone random.

Sept 10- World Suicide Prevention Day; offer to talk with people who you know are hurting.

Sept 11- 9/11 😦

Sept 12- National Chocolate Milkshake Day; make your favorite chocolate milkshake

Sept 13- Positive Thinking Day; think positively

Sept 14- National Bakery Day; go to your local bakery and get something sweet

Sept 15- International Eat an Apple Day; eat an apple to off-set all of the junk you’ve been eating

Sept 16- National Guacamole Day; go get something that involves guac

Sept 17- National Apple Dumpling Day; mmmm go get apple dumplings

Sept 18- National Cheeseburger Day; have a cheeseburger from your favorite place

Sept 19- International Talk Like a Pirate Day; Arrrgh, Matey.

Sept 20- National String Cheese Day; find some string cheese

Sept 21- Minature Golf Day; play a round of mini-golf

Sept 22- National White Chocolate Day; pick up your favorite white chocolate surprise

And that’s a wrap on a great summer of daily celebrations. There are several more holidays on these days, but these are the ones I liked the most. Comment if you tried any of these things.

Stay Golden,


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