When You Think That God is Not Here

Have you ever wondered why bad things happen to good, Godly people? Have you been wondering where God is when all of the terrible things have been happening in the United States right now and over the past decade… hell… over the whole existence of the US? How could God be present in this country… in some of these people? Why does He make me go through the struggle of finding my soulmate and all the people I’ve had to deal with to get there?

There isn’t one right answer.

Nobody truly knows why bad things happen to good people, but you’ve got to take a faith-based approach to it if you’re wondering why God is not present. The thing is… He is.

Sometimes pain awakens us to God. The painful experiences that we go through can help us become closer to God or to be good people in general. Think of all of the horrible things that have happened in the United States. God has brought good out of the rubble. When hurricanes and tornadoes wipe out entire cities, people from all over get up the courage to go help out. When 9/11 happened, it increased our security and love poured out from all over the country and all over the world.

Evil is a choice. God is all-knowing, but he gives us the power to make our own choices. Some people choose to give into the evil, but to be honest, ALL sin is evil. Even the most righteous of people are subject to evil and sin on a daily basis. You have a choice whether or not to do the right thing and for a lot of us… that is a hard thing to do.

God will not give you more than you can handle. Everything you go through is a challenge from God to make you stronger. Think about it… have you ever been in one of your lowest times and you feel like you’re about to give up and then all of a sudden something happens to make it better? For example (even though it’s a simple one), have you ever just given up on finding a good person to date and then all of the sudden a few days later someone comes into your life that you could see a future with? These things don’t happen by chance.

Now I was saying that God never gives us more than we can handle, but that’s just not true for Satan… for the evil in our lives. Ever wonder why someone attempted suicide? It’s because the evil in this world never stops. Satan never stops trying to undermine God… to make you feel worthless. These beautiful souls are no less people than you and I. I’m so sick of people believing that you are going to Hell if you commit suicide. Depression is NOT a sin. Depression is Satan’s way of getting you to let in all the evil that he sets forth in the world. Like any sin a believer can commit, suicide can be forgiven. I promise you right now that my grandmother did not go to Hell. I know people are going to argue about this, but there is no way that God let that woman or any of these children who just couldn’t take the burden of bullying go to Hell. He is not a cruel God. He is a merciful and loving God.

Enough said.

Stay Golden,



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