The First Half of Christmas Break As Told By Gifs

Christmas break is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love the holidays. I love the decorations, the music, and the time spent with the ones I love. But I really love not having to go to school every day. Here’s a few GIFs to describe what my Christmas break typically looks like in the beginning.

Running out of my last final like…
Waking up after my first full night of sleep in ages
Doing my winter cleaning without a care in the world
When I sit down to watch Netflix and
end up watching a whole season.
Shopping for Christmas gifts at the last minute
because when have I had time?
Having a ME night because let’s face it…
I deserve it.
Baking my favorite holiday treats… or
just eating them.
When people ask me what my plans are
for break…

Enjoy the holidays and…

Stay Golden,


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