Thoughts on COVID-19

Hey y’all! I hope everyone is doing the best to stay safe in this pandemic that we find ourselves in. 2020 has not been kind to us. I am writing this blog post to put into words how I feel about the Coronavirus.

The panic that has ensued in our beloved country is partially reasonable, however, we have become fearful of things that could have been avoided if the media would not blow things out of proportion. Here is what we (rather I) DO know about the virus:

  1. “Coronavirus” is not a new term for us. We, as a society, have seen many strains of this virus through the years. HOWEVER, this is a new, seemingly more deadly, strain of the virus.
  2. Everyone can get infected, but the virus seems to be most deadly for individuals >60 years old or with decreased immune system function (i.e. smokers, cancer patients, HIV/AIDS patients, etc.) If you know any of these people, volunteer your time to go to the store and get them what they need so that they can avoid exposure as much as possible.
  3. The most important things that you can do to avoid getting COVID-19 is wash your hands (if nothing else, make sure you wash your hands before eating ANYTHING), avoid crowded areas, and cover your mouth when you cough/sneeze (by using your elbow, a tissue, or the inside of your shirt).
  4. Healthcare workers and emergency personnel are not immune but have to continue to work to keep everyone safe. Keep that in mind.
  5. Stockpiling excess supplies does not do you any good and takes them away from others who may desperately need them. By the way, if you buy up all of the hand sanitizer/soap, how are people going to wash their hands and prevent the spread? Only keep what you will need.
  6. Cancelling classes, requiring work from home, and cancelling large events may seem like a drastic measure, but the goal is to stop the spread of the virus so that the country can get a better handle on the situation and prevent healthcare system over-saturation.
  7. Most of the information about the life-cycle of the virus is still unknown to the general public. This is an unknown strain, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot do anything about it.

Here are the websites from the CDC and WHO about COVID-19, strategies to prevent transmission, and updates on confirmed cases:

Stay Safe and Stay Golden,


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