About the Author

Hey y’all, my name is Emily! I am a Christian and a Pharmacist. I started this blog several years ago. I love photography, good books, Netflix, and anything that I can get into with my friends. I’m always at the beach when I am not busy with work.

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in December of 2020, so a lot of my blog posts are going to be related to living gluten-free. I’m extremely close with my family and friends.

I graduated from Pharmacy School in May of 2021, and I hope to continue to give advice to new and current pharmacy students/pharmacists as time goes on.

Thanks for joining! I can’t wait to take you on my journey through this thing we call life.

Fun Facts About Me:

Name: Emily

Age: 25

Height: 5’1

Career: Pharmacist

Alma Mater: High Point University

Pets: Nemo (Cat) and Dory (Dog)