Is It Worth It?

Bottom line, your peace is too expensive to be bought out by the ways of this world.

Just as a for instance, I recently found myself consumed in social media and all that came with it. How many likes did I get on my post? I followed them but why didn’t they follow me back? Am I weird? Am I annoying? Does no one care about me and what I have to say? They liked what someone else posted, why didn’t they like what I posted? Why would they put that on social media for the whole world to see?

I literally was allowing the voice of the enemy to come through and use social media as a tool against me. Against my happiness, and against my peace.

No, social media isn’t of the Devil, but it is of this world. And if I am allowing it to affect my joy, my peace, and my happiness, then it most certainly is a tool that he has used to try and tear me down. And the enemy is so good at finding tools that we use every single day to tear us down and make us feel worthless.

Wanting to feel accepted by everyone is a heavy burden to carry sometimes.

But it’s when you realize who you are in Christ that changes the game.

I turned up my praise and worship music to drown out the enemy. And after a long day of hearing the enemy’s voice, of allowing him to use multiple tools I had in my every day life, and of feeling beaten down, I allowed the Holy Spirit to enter in to all of those places that I felt weren’t good enough.

If what you are feeling about yourself doesn’t line up with the word of God and who HE says that you are, it is a lie from the enemy. Period. His words do not waver and He will never change His mind.

As daughters of the living God, we are not of this world. Therefore, the ways of this world cannot be used against us. Any weapon formed against us cannot and will not prosper.

If it costs you your peace, if it costs you your happiness, and if it costs you your joy, then it isn’t worth it. Cut it out, throw it away, take a break from it. And allow the voices of the enemy to be drowned out and stomped out by the true, pure, wonderful love of God and the truths and promises and amazing gifts that He has for you. Then, allow His love to transform you.

Stay Strong and Stay Golden



To the Woman Who Feels That She is Overlooked

You feel like everything that you do is never noticed, not that being noticed is the reasoning behind your work or attitude, but it’d be nice to hear or feel that you’re appreciated. You feel like the things you say aren’t heard, or the jokes you tell put a damper on the mood in the atmosphere. You feel like there’s something and someone that is always going to best you. Every time. The clothes you wear are never pretty enough, your makeup always seems to have flaws, you can’t get the breakouts to end and you feel like the world gets so much bigger than you with every passing day. Your mind Is constantly consumed with thoughts of why aren’t you ever good enough, or why can’t you ever say the right things? How can you make everyone see how funny you are? Or how good of a friend you could be? You’re not alone. This feeling is hard to deal with. It’s hard to feel special or important when it seems that your voice is always heard as a whisper. These are the things that the world tells you that you are and sometimes it starts to feel like the worlds voice is the only one that seems to make sense. You start to believe these things and it starts to hurt.

Don’t. Please, do not let this world, don’t let the enemy, steal what’s rightfully yours.

Joy is yours. Confidence is yours. Happiness is yours. Beauty is yours. Strength, dignity, courage, and a peace of mind is all yours! And it’s time to believe and receive that. Christ died so that we didn’t have to carry these burdens of the world anymore. You have the power through Jesus to stand up and say, “no one else’s opinions or thoughts about me will ever define who I am!  My personality is blessedly mine!” And I’m here to tell you, you do so much more than you think you do. You’re beauty and smile has a bigger impact on someone’s day then you believe yourself to have. Your sweet spirit is much more contagious then you could ever know. “She is more precious than rubies; And nothing you can wish for compares with her [in value].” (PROVERBS‬ ‭3:15‬.) You were designed for a perfect purpose. And that is yours.

No one else’s. Perfectly, and beautifully, and only, yours.


A Woman No Longer Moved By the World

The Office for Every Moment

Life can be a struggle, and The Office has pretty much found a way to sum it up.

Starting off the day…


Sitting in class like…


When you think you’ve been extra productive…


Trying to do homework…


Trying to write an essay…


Having to deal with the idiots of the world…


And when it gets especially difficult…


But at the end of the day…


You wouldn’t change a thing about your life.


Stay Golden,



Junior Year of College

Junior year of college is a mix of all different kinds of emotions- excitement because I’m almost done with college, sadness because I’m not quite ready to go. This juxtaposition of emotions is something I’m constantly struggling with.

I’ve been waiting for this stage in my life for as long as I can remember, yet I hear my dad’s voice in the back of my head. “Nicole, stop rushing to get through things, you need to stop and enjoy where you are in life right now.”

Ever since I was a little girl, I’d constantly be wishing to be in the next stage of life. I wished I could be a teenager already, then that came along and still wasn’t enough. I wanted to be out of high school and in college living out my life and finding my career path. Yet here I am… and for the first time, I don’t know that I’m ready to move on to the next stage…

For the first time, I’m realizing since entering college as a freshman that I didn’t really take the time to enjoy college as much as I should have. I realize now college is much more than just getting good grades, going to every class and being on time. College is about socializing, meeting new people- like the friends who you’ll have for life, and being able to make mistakes while it’s still okay to mess up.

Junior year has honestly been one of my favorite years here at High Point University. I’m finally finding the friends I’ve been searching for all along. Many friends have come and gone before I got here: because they transferred or because we just grew apart. I’m finally at the stage where I’m taking mostly major and minor related classes and starting to really be able to visualize my future, which is a beautiful thing. With the help of my advisor, I was able to find an internship and get on track to get a job in my field of study.

Now when people ask me what I want to do once I graduate, I can actually answer their question instead of dancing around the subject. At the same time, though, it will be hard to leave this place. It’s become not only my home these past 4 years but a place full of some of the most inspiring people who have wanted nothing but the best for me. I fear leaving these amazing individuals behind because I don’t know where my life will take me.

I take comfort in the fact that most of these amazing, inspiring, and caring people will always be just a phone call away when I need them. As my 4 years at HPU are nearing their end, I know I have to take the next step in life and not be fearful of the unknown but embrace it with open arms!

Stay Golden,


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Love can be such an easy thing and such a hard thing all at the same time. Almost everyone wants to find love, but that isn’t always easy, especially today. Movies and books do an amazing job of portraying love in such a romantic, effortless way when in reality it can be pretty hard and messy at times.

I, like many other women, spent many of my teen years trying to find love for myself, but things just never would fall into place. I wanted that storybook love like all the princesses in my favorite Disney movies. The love where a handsome man just comes in at the right time and sweeps you off your feet, and you end up living ‘happily ever after’ together. I often became frustrated and annoyed after failing so many times at trying to “find” love. My mom would always tell me “stop looking for love. You won’t find it,  love will find you.” She would also say something along the lines of “in order to love someone else you have to first love yourself.” Of course this would just annoy me because I’m not good at being patient and just waiting, but eventually,  I decided to take her advice and stopped trying to seek out love and started trying to love myself first.

Once I stopped trying so hard to find love, I found it easier to focus on myself. I decided a better use of my time would be reaching some of my own personal goals, especially my fitness ones because I was never comfortable in my own skin. With lots of dedication and hard work, I started to see some results. In turn, I started to become a healthier, happier, and more positive person!

College was around the corner for me, and I had officially been admitted to my top choice school, High Point University. It was also the only college I had actually applied to… so it was a very stressful few months waiting to hear back. They added me to the class of 2018 official Facebook page, which was a great way for me to get to know some of the other kids I’d be going to school with. Little did I know, this was how I was going to meet my current boyfriend of 2 and 1/2  years so far. Long story short he had posted something about himself, and I thought he was one of the most attractive guys I had seen. He wanted to get to know some people, which was great because so was I. My best friend convinced me to message him and say hi. I did and anxiously awaited a reply. Almost instantly he got back to me. Before I knew it, we would be up texting into the wee hours of the night almost every night.

I knew almost instantly that we had a really unique connection. It took him a little more time to pick up on this, but eventually, he noticed the connection as well. We officially started dating long distance until we could finally meet. When we met in person though it was like we had known each other for a long time, it was honestly the craziest feeling I had experienced.

BUT my mom was right as she often is, love had found me. It took my breath away and molded me into a whole new person. That fairytale love had finally arrived, and I was thrilled! I eventually learned this fairytale love was not without its fair share of disagreements, and complications of its own.

We are by no means a perfect couple, and we definitely have our ups and downs. My boyfriend has helped show me that you can still have that fairytale love even with disagreements because at the end of the day, even after a bad fight, we both know our love is stronger than anything else, and we truly value each other more than we care about being the one that’s “right.”

The most important thing is being with someone who loves you for you and accepts you even with all your flaws; someone who at the end of the day still loves you to pieces even if you just had a really bad fight. Loving someone can be easy but also really hard. The key to getting through those really hard days with your significant other is remembering that the love you two share is deeper than anything else, and its something you BOTH want to make work in the end.

Thanks for reading!

Stay Golden,

Nicole ❤