Pharmacy students show Christ’s love through medical mission trip in Egypt — Union Life

Story by Sarah Goff Six Union pharmacy students spent a week this summer as part of a medical mission team that served in Cairo, Egypt. The students — Bailee Esch, Hunter Hanson, Payton Pulse, Firas Quran, Brooke Sanders and Ali Ward — spent four days working in medical clinics, each day in a different local […]

Pharmacy students show Christ’s love through medical mission trip in Egypt — Union Life

Not Perfect, Still Worth It

One of my beautiful sisters in Christ wrote this on her blog. Please go check it out. She is an amazingly talented writer and she speaks the truth.

I love you, Rae!

Christians have often been called hypocrites because they go to church, preach to non-church goers about what they should be doing, and then go and sin themselves.  Well.  We should hold one another accountable for when we screw up.  NO ONE IS PERFECT.  Just because someone goes to church doesn’t make them a Christian and just because Christians believe in Jesus doesn’t mean they aren’t going to sin.

Christians are to turn to the Bible for answers, but sometimes it can be tricky to understand scripture.  We have leaders, such as Abraham, Sarah, Moses, David, and Esther from the Old Testament, whom we are supposed to follow as examples since they were faithful followers of God.  Even though all those that were mentioned are important as role models, they weren’t always the best examples.  If someone had never read the Bible stories or heard of the names I mentioned many Christians know by heart, they may be confused as to why these names are elevated if they do some digging through scripture.

Perfection among humans is an absolute lie.  The leaders that God hand-picked in the Bible even messed up occasionally.  Big, massive mistakes.  God never expected us to be perfect, but He does expect us to strive to be our best.

Abraham was the father of nations and the Jewish people.  His wife was Sarah (their former names were Abram and Sarai).  Even though we know him to be the father of nations, Abraham and Sarah were childless for a long, long, long time.  They thought Sarah was past her childbearing years and that God wasn’t going to follow through on His promise.  So, instead of being patient and waiting a little bit longer, Sarah and Abraham took matters into their own hands.  Not trusting God’s plan?  And we thought we were the only ones to ever doubt God and His timing.  The Father of Nations even did it!

Abraham had an immeasurable amount of faith, but he wasn’t immune to sin.  He slept with Sarah’s servant, Hagar so he could have a child.  But oops.  Not what God wanted!  Abraham and Sarah disobeyed God.  If you would like to read this one for yourself, you can find this story in Genesis 16: 1-12.

Another great leader in the Old Testament delivered the Jews from slavery in Egypt and led them to the promise land.  How did he come to certain duty?

Moses, a Hebrew man but reared as Pharaoh’s daughter’s son, escaped Egypt by running away after killing an Egyptian!  If he would have stayed, Pharaoh would have killed Moses for his crime and God wouldn’t have had someone outside of Egypt to go back (Exodus 2:11-15).  After God sent Moses back to Egypt to save his family, Moses led them towards the promise land, which was a really tiresome and long journey.  He was a murderer, but God used Moses to save His people from captivity.

Moses was  a murderer and coward, and yet God still used his mistakes to turn a terrible situation into something good.

And what about David? The one who killed Goliath the Giant with a slingshot, the runt of his family, the one after God’s own heart and hand-picked by God to be the king of Israel?  He wasn’t unblemished either.

Once he was king, David became lazy and wasn’t fighting as he should have been one day.  His laziness led to gazing at a married woman, Bathsheba, bathing upon a rooftop.  He slept with her and when she became pregnant, David sent Bathsheba’s husband to the front of the line so he would be killed in battle (2 Samuel 11:2-17).  An adulterer and a murderer?  Wow, some great king, right?  David messed up but he also realized his gigantic mistake and asked for repentance.  He didn’t receive a simple slap on the wrist as punishment either.  God is a merciful God, but also a just one.  He couldn’t let the man he appointed as king to get away with what he did (2 Samuel 12:7-14).

However, God still turned this situation around, and even though David and Bathsheba’s first child died, their second child was Solomon.  King Solomon would grow up to be a wise king over Israel.

Ever heard of Queen Esther?  What did she do?  She saved her people from being killed by being brave and courageous, but um, she didn’t exactly jump at the chance originally.  She hesitated and thought of what danger it would be to herself (Esther 3:9-14).  Yeah, Esther first thought of herself before her own family.  A little selfish, but she was human! Can you fault her too badly for it?

Esther’s cousin Mordecai left her with a little food for thought:

And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

-Esther 4:14

In other words, he was telling her, “Who knows?!  Maybe God created you for this specific moment!” We were all created for a purpose.

Esther wasn’t perfect, neither was Abraham, Sarah, Moses, or David.  They all were probably wondering, why God?  Why did you choose me?  They knew they weren’t perfect.  They knew they had made mistakes, and yet God was still able to work through them for His purpose.

No one’s sin is greater than another’s. All sins are seen on the same level in the eyes of God.  So that person I gossiped about just yesterday, or that time when I thought I was better than someone? It’s just as bad as committing murder like Moses and David.

God uses our blemishes and trials to turn lives around.  He turned my moments of weakness into a testimony for others to hear.  I once was shy and God said, “we’ll fix that,” and He sent me on several mission trips and a summer job where I became a local summer missionary.

We can be used in multiple ways, just like the imperfect role models from the Old Testament.  There are many others I could mention from the Bible as well, but then this post would be much longer…

Regardless, the leaders we look up to still sinned and messed up.  They are not idols to be worshipped because they are not perfect like God; however, their imperfections give us hope.  They were human just like you and me, and they were able to continue to do many great things for the Lord.  It should inspire us to do the same.  That’s why they are role models and people we should look to as examples.  Jesus didn’t arrive until the New Testament, so during the times of the Old Testament, Abraham, Sarah, Moses, David, and Esther, along with a few others, were the only role models people had.

Even today we can still learn valuable lessons from these leaders and their stories.  The leaders we have today aren’t perfect either and my prayer for the ones in power is that they keep in contact with our Lord and don’t lose sight of His purpose, and to not further their own agendas.


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Repost: “I’m Not a Twenty-Something Grandma, I Just Have My Shit Together”

I’m well aware that your twenties are all about letting loose, having fun, and partying with my friends.

Trust me, I have no problem enjoying myself. I simply refuse (in most cases) to do it on Friday night. Call me lame, call me anti-social or call me a grandma, I don’t care.

By the time Friday rolls around I’ve endured 5 straight days of a 9-5, I’m fucking exhausted.

Frustration with my boss, annoyance with clients, and drama with coworkers all leave me feeling like I got hit by a damn Mack Truck!

My feet hurt, my brain hurts and the last thing I want to do when I finally plop down on my couch is get up again, let alone put on makeup and some cute shoes.

After working so hard all week I deserve a night on my couch where I don’t have to give a fuck!

Except for the occasional drink covered by the sleazy guy at the bar, going out every weekend is an expensive habit.

Call me old fashioned, but budgeting is a thing. I prefer to save my money and spend it on things that are a bit more practical.

Missing one Friday night is not the end of the world. I have plenty of friends and I have no trouble making more. Staying in doesn’t mean I can’t still be a social butterfly. There is such a thing as friends coming to my apartment to relax.

What’s better than wine, gossip and a movie from your own couch?

I pride myself on not caring what people think of me, and that means I don’t need to go out just to say that I did. The “pics or it didn’t happen” mentality lends itself nicely to perfectly posed snap stories of everyone’s social lives, but my self-worth isn’t tied to my snapchat views.

And #sorrynotsorry- but I’m just too fucking tired to look Instagram-good on a Friday night.

For me, sleep isn’t just preferable, it’s necessary. I’m not one of those people who is willing to sacrifice some shut-eye for a good time. When I don’t get enough sleep, I’m a miserable monster.

I’d rather secure a hefty night sleep on Friday so I can actually enjoy the rest of my weekend.

Don’t assume that since I like to stay in for a chill Friday night that I’m not game to rally on Saturday. Saturday is not Friday! In fact, it’s relaxing the night before that is often the only reason I can afford (literally and figuratively) to have a great time the next day.

I don’t judge other people for partying Thursday through Sunday, so give me the same courtesy. I’m happy with my routine. It may not be your style, but it works for me.

Source: Puckermob by: Lauren Jenkins 

Check out her other work on her Writer’s Page on PuckerMob!

Stay Golden,


Repost: “15 Reasons Why You Should Date a Southern Girl”

My beautiful roommate, Raegan, posted this earlier in the year, and I really wanted to post it here so that y’all could see how wonderful she is (and how accurate this is) Love ya Rae! Check her out on The Odyssey Online and Her Own Personal Blog.
Southern girls will rock your world and impress your Mama.
The south has a lot to offer, and if you find the right girl, you might just end up staying! My county has a saying: a place to visit, a place to love, a place to live. So if you are still looking for the right place to live, and the right girl for you, here are 15 reasons you should date a southern girl, especially if she is from North Carolina.

1. Southern Accents

N.C. accents are actually quite cute. Southern belles with a drawl will keep a smile on your face!


2. The Sayings

The endless country sayings will have you laughing on the floor, and you will probably end up using a few yourself.


3. Family Recipes

Date a girl who has the secret pie recipe from her grandmother. At a young age, girls are taught that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.


4. Beach or Mountains, Take Your Pick

One of the great things about North Carolina is that you can turn a weekend into a quick vacation to either the mountains or the beach! Both are just a few hours away, and are perfect day trip dates.


5. Sporting Events

Here in the south, we go crazy over our football, baseball, and basketball games. We go all out! It isn’t an unusual sight to see someone decked out in camo. Also, during football season, Friday night dates are nonexistent. Unless you count watching the game as a date.


6. The Scenery

You don’t have to go down the road far until you run into a picturesque sight. Taking the scenic route on a date is a popular and romantic option.


7. Country Music

We sing it and dance to it. Country girls know how to shake it!


8. Charming Manners

Yes mam, no sir, please, and thank you. We know them all and know how to show respect when you bring us home to meet the parents.


9. Family Loyalty

Family ties run deep and when you get involved with a southern girl, just know that you quickly become a part of the family as well.


10. Sugar, Spice, But Not Always Nice

We’re cute. We’re sweet, but if you push us too far, we take a baseball bat to your truck….Just kidding! But, we aren’t scared to let our tempers fly when things are taken too far. Mama didn’t raise a pushover.


11. Sweet Tea

Ah, come to the south where the tea is sweet, but the girls are sweeter!


12. Cowgirl Attire Is Cute

Because who doesn’t love a girl in boots and a hat?


13. Can Handle The Heat

It gets super hot during the summer, but we know how to handle it and stay cool when you are sweating like a pig.


14. Just Enough Sass

We come with just enough sass to keep you on your toes. Besides, it would be boring if we weren’t sassy!

15. She’ll Go To Church With You

My favorite thing for a guy to say to me. One of the most important things you can do together as a couple and the hardest part is trying to decide whether you attend yours or her church each Sunday!”


Source: The Odyssey Online; 15 Reasons Why You Should Date a Southern Girl


Repost: “14 Reasons Staying in Friday Night is Always the Answer”

Sometimes you just need a night to kick back and relax.

1. No one is judging you for wearing your PJs at 8pm.

2. There is also no shame in falling asleep at 10pm and wake up well-rested.

3. The only drama you will witness is via Netflix.

4. As you binge watch the latest original series

5. Pets are so much better at cuddling than boys anyway.

6. You can stuff your face with ice cream or pizza, (OR BOTH) and suffer no judgement.

7. You can rock the messy bun all night.

8. There’s no struggle with makeup for an hour before heading out (AKA no redoing your “classic wing” three times before it’s just right)

9. Staying in means staying in bed, our real one true love.

10. No fighting off unwanted attention at the bar.

11. You won’t get a headache from standing next to the DJ.

12. There’s zero chance of a drunken one night stand that you’ll regret in the morning.

13. You get to spend one whole night treating yourself.

14. And you will remember every moment of it.

Source: 14 Reasons Staying in Friday Night is Always the Answer


I love this article because it makes it OKAY to stay in, and it IS OKAY. Enjoy it and read the author’s other works.

Stay Golden,


Repost: We Need to Stop Acting Like Prescription Drug Abuse is Okay.

It is imperative to our health and safety that we stop acting as if “doing” prescription drugs is an acceptable thing to do. It has never been and never will be something that is okay. I have never been okay with prescription drug abuse, but even more so now that I am a Pre-Pharmacy Major. We really need to stop doing things that could be very detrimental to our health. This article that I found on The Odyssey Online describes exactly why it is not okay, especially with regards to Xanax. Enjoy.

Stay Golden,


Source: Leave the “Xanax Party Phase” in 2016


Repost: 11 Things People Don’t Realize You Are Doing Because Of Your Anxiety — Thought Catalog

Roberto Tumini1. Decline invites even when you really want to go. Sometimes, anxiety can be so debilitating, that you can’t muster enough energy to go out. No matter how excited you were for the event beforehand, when the day actually comes and your anxiety is in full force, you say no. You don’t want to be… […]

via 11 Things People Don’t Realize You Are Doing Because Of Your Anxiety — Thought Catalog — THE MARVELOUS MUMFORD

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